Light is the best Makeup Tool

We spend so much money in makeup, accessories like makeup bags, tools. We try to invest in the better for giving the best out of us.

But, who is thinking about the most important of all? The Light.

As a makeup artist, your makeup artistry is only as good as your light!

How many times have you been on location, desperate for some daylight to see your work?


Sunlight is beautiful, but it can be too cool, or too warm depending on the time of day. The same is true with lighting: not all LED lights are created equal either.

The Makeup Light has been day light balanced to give you the crisp, bright white light so you can get a true sense of your makeup color.

The Light Kits are light weight, portable, and do not get hot either.

This is one of the best investments you can make for your makeup kit!



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