The history of TML


The Makeup Light (TML) is the first portable makeup light ever created and like all best things in life it was created out of love.
TML is the child of Emmy Award winning makeup artist, Vivian Baker and her photographer husband, Michael Astalos.
Michael is one of the top Hollywood designers of lighting systems for studio makeup rooms and trailers. His area of expertise comes from vanities to complex lighting integrations.

 Light custom-built by ®TML. Thank you to @pictrailers.

After having to work under terrible lighting and expected to turn out amazing results, Vivian enlisted the help of her husband to create a light of her own. It needed to be portable, bright and give her the ability to view color correctly.
As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. And so, the first product from TML was created to solve the problem: The Portable Window!

The first Portable Window was created with the idea to bring sunlight indoors. Artists began to flock to Vivian's setup and request she and Michael share the new Light! In seeing that there was a demand for correct lighting in the beauty industry they decided to create The Makeup Light.


The Key Light 1.0 was the first Makeup Light panel in the market. It combined the power of a makeup vanity and the size of an ipad, providing an incredible quality of neutral light.
After this came the Key Light 2.0 panel and more recently the Eyelight system, dedicated to those who need a fix light closer to their model (aestheticians, brow and eyelash technicians, FX and Tattoo Artists...)
The Makeup Light system is ultimate portable solution that mimics real daylight for Makeup Artists in every situation. So thank you to Vivian's request, the dream of many has came true!

A beautiful trailer setup by Vivian Baker. She is using three Key Light panels in Gold color, one in Graphite and one Eyelight on the top of the mirror.

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