Choosing the Right Makeup Lighting

In a simple way: There is cool light and warm light. And the crisp light.

The white light is coming more towards the good clean, neutral and crisp light to the makeup. Everyone looks great in warm light. Candle light, sunset, golden hour…

If you want to to apply your makeup to someone already in that light you are probably gonna over put your warm tones cause they are already starting out. Because you see warm you are gonna add more warm. And if there is another light source on set that is more neutral and clean to blue, your makeup it’s really gonna be off.

So the best thing would be applying the makeup under the same light where it's going to shown or even better, applying the makeup under a neutral light for taking the right color decisions.

For that you need to work with a Full Spectrum Light with the correct Color Temperature.


None of the light sources above are completely reliable, either because of their color spectrum is limited or they don't have continuity. So what if you could have neutral light to bring everywhere?

 Now you can with THE MAKEUP LIGHT.



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