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Loving streaming and recording videos for clients but hating finding a place to perch your phone? If you have a TML Light panel, mirror, glass, or other non-porous surface nearby, this is the solution for you!

The Magnet Mount is an extremely low-profile, adhesive-based, reusable mounting option to easily mount a smartphone or tablet directly to any TML LED panel or vanity. The Magnet Mount can also used on a variety of other surfaces just like TML's versatile Magic Mount.

The most popular use is directly mounting the Magnet Mount to the surface of a TML LED panel or vanity. In addition, a variety of sealed, smooth, and dry surfaces (not only glass or acrylic) are possible locations to mount a smartphone or tablet. Painted metal, tile, formica veneer, and very smooth varnished wood are some of the possibilities. 

Not recommended for use on: wallpaper (or any paper), painted wood, drywall, or plaster where the paint may peel, and textured or porous materials.

Extra-Low Profile
Your smartphone or tablet is just 0.5 in. from the LED panel or vanity surface when mounted on the Magnet Mount via the included device discs. HINT: place a device disc inside your smartphone or tablet case if you don't wish to permanently attach one.

Reusable / Washable Adhesive

This mount "base" has a very long-lasting, strongand washableadhesive. Think post-it note, but strong enough to hold a smartphone or tablet, and you don’t have to crumble it up and toss it when you’re done using it. The key is to use it where there will be no air bubbles or tiny air channels present after sticking it to the surface.

The Magnet Mount base will eventually get dirty from handling and use. Just a quick bath and rub-down in running water (with or without soap) will wash and “re-charge” the adhesive. At some point due to lots of repeated use, the adhesive will have lost it’s initial “magic,” and this is why we supply two Magnet Mount "bases" per set.


To store and protect the Magnet Mount base adhesive surface, we have provided a “Reuse Sheet” for each mount. Each reuse sheet is much easier to apply and remove than the original adhesive backing sheet on the Magnet Mount. The Magnet Mount should be kept away from heat and dust, dirt, or other debris, so we’ve also added a sealable bubble envelope to keep the set together and clean.

*The other accessories and TML LED Light panels in the gallery images are for example only, and are not included with the magnet mount set.


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